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Yeahhh ! Facebook tk jadi tutup (:
Facebook is denying rumors floating around the Internet that the CEO of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg, will shut down the social networking site March 15 to get his old life back and “ put an end to all the madness . ”
Facebook’s director of corporate communications , Larry Yu , addressed the rumor saying it was completely untrue .
Financially , it would not make sense to shut down the site , Yu said .
Just recently , Facebook became worth $50 billion – more than Time Warner and Google – with $500 million in contributions from investment firms Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies , a Russian company .
The phony report was allegedly started by Weekly World News , which has a reputation for false reports including alien attacks and Michelle Obama being pregnant .
Saie amekk kat newspaper soe , tuh yg skema skied . If tk pham , buad2 pham jelahh . Hehe , saie pon tk pham sngad . Apea yg pntingg FB tk jadi tutup ! AMINNN ! Haha , shukehuske . Terima kaseh Mark Zuckerbe­ . Haha , maen tibai jeh name sape nie . Hehe , sbb nie sume just copypaste jeh . Malas nk tulis soe , camnie laa jadi nyea . Haha :D . Pape pon , kite HOORAY ! Kite bolehh cntct membe2 yg jauh ken ken (: . Hee ,